Residential Care

Dingwall Trust caters for children and young people up to 17 years of age, who are in need of care and protection away from home.
Residential Care Care to Independence Boarding School Scholarships Respite Care

Care to Independence

Provides support and advice to young people aged 15 – 19 years who are transitioning from care to independent living.
Residential Care Care to Independence Boarding School Scholarships Respite Care

Boarding School Scholarships

Providing scholarships to young people in the community to attend selected boarding schools.
Residential Care Care to Independence Boarding School Scholarships Respite Care

Respite Care

Providing children and young people in care at our residential facility with short-term placements, giving them a chance to experience life in a family in the wider community.
Residential Care Care to Independence Boarding School Scholarships Respite Care
Boarding School Scholarships

Boarding school scholarships

Each year Dingwall Trust offers scholarships to young people to attend selected boarding schools. These scholarships are given to young people whose emotional, physical and/or social wellbeing is at risk of stopping them achieving. Our aim is to maximize children’s potential through offering support to them and their families.

Scholarships can be for the duration of the young person’s secondary schooling. Schools are selected by the young person and their families wherever possible and are available at a wide range of boarding schools around the country.

Dingwall Trust maintains 30 scholarships per year, as a result the number of new scholarships available each year is varied depending on the number continuing from previous years. Scholarships start at the beginning of the school year with the approval process taking place in August of the previous year.

Applications are accepted year round, the cut off date for consideration is 31 August for the following school year.

Application Process

  • Complete an application form and education information release form.
  • Education profile will be sought from the young person’s current school.
  • A shortlist will be compiled from the initial written applications and interviews will be organized.
  • Interviews are attended by the young person, their family and any other support people that may wish to attend. 
  • Successful applicants are notified by telephone and confirmed in writing. 
  • Non-successful applications will be notified in writing.
Due to the varying availability of scholarships, applications are graded on a needs basis in relation to the number of scholarships available. So if an applicant is declined one year there is every chance that they may be successful the next year if there are more scholarships available. Young people are welcome to reapply in consecutive years.

Dingwall Trust’s decision on applications is final.

It is not important for an applicant to be a high achiever academically, however they need to be willing to try to the best of their abilities. The scholarships aim to develop a passion for learning and stability in school life.

What does the scholarship cover?

  • Establishment uniform and stationery
  • Boarding fees

Responsibilities of the family:

  • Extracurricular activities
  • School camps
  • Transport home (to and from school)
  • Pocket money
  • Social spending
  • Update lost or wrecked uniforms
  • Suitable school shoes and bag

Responsibilities of the young person

  • To attend school
  • Participate in homework and all aspects of school and boarding house life
  • Abide by the school rules
  • Communicate with Dingwall Trust on any issues that may impact their learning or ability to stay at the boarding house.
  • Attend a two day orientation camp with Dingwall Trust at the start of their scholarship
All selected scholars will be expected to attend a two day orientation camp with Dingwall Trust, in January of the year their scholarship starts. This a chance for Dingwall staff to get to know the young people, for the scholars to meet the staff and to connect with other scholars. All costs for this are covered by Dingwall Trust and transport can be supported if required.

Termination of scholarships

Scholarships will be terminated by Dingwall Trust if the young person breaches the school or boarding house rules and must leave the school. The scholarship is not transferable (unless negotiated in exceptional circumstances).

Bullying, violence and drug taking are not tolerated and will lead to termination of the scholarship.

If a young person chooses to pull out of a scholarship part way through a term, then the costs incurred for that term will need to be repaid to Dingwall Trust.

Dingwall Trust has provided scholarships to a wide range of boarding schools including:

Whangarei Boys High

Whangarei Girls High

Rotorua Boys High

Wesley College

Sacred Heart Girls Hamilton

St Joseph Maori Girls Napier

Mt Albert Boys Grammar

St Marys Girls Ponsonby

New Plymouth Boys High

Hamilton Girls High

Hamilton Boys High

St Mary’s, Stratford

St Paul’s Collegiate School

Hato Paora College, Fielding

Lindisfarne College, Hastings

Te Aute College, Napier

Solway College, Masterton

dingwall trust boarding school scholarships